Saturday, January 1, 2011

Healthcare Workers and Dignity

I work in the healthcare field, Palliative Hospice care,in particular. This message is really about all areas of healthcare. I believe if you're working in the healthcare field, whether in the office or direct patient care, you should be a loving & compassionate person. This includes those that are working in the administrative side of healthcare. If you're not loving, compassionate, and treat each other like a loving family, you are working in the wrong area; perhaps you should think about becoming a patient for therapeutic counseling. You certainly with a negative attitude should not be working in the healthcare field.

The people working in the field should not have to feel like they're walking on egg shells when they go into the office. Office staff should be willing to answer questions, and not say "It's not my area," without at least offering to find out who can help and refer you in that direction. Yes, I am an optimist. LOL.

My concern is that doctors, nurses, nurse aides, and administrative staff  be the leaders of love, compassion, and dignity in healthcare. Who's perfect? Well God is, but if we do the initiative to put out our best this would make for a better local community, then the world. Good news spreads, also spreads well and fast. If your company has a good reputation, it will have a long thriving life. 


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